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The onetreeplanted logo promotes sustainability and environmental conservation.

You Trade-in an iPhone with us.
We plant a tree. The world breathes a bit easier.

Why Plant Trees ?

An air icon with trees and clouds.

A water icon with clouds and a blue background.

The logo for biodiversity, with a deer and a bird.

The logo for climate regulation.

A bottle of medicine with a heart on it.

Social impact icon with a man in a hat holding a shovel.

A bright idea for your old iPhone and the planet.
We all know that trees remove carbon from our atmosphere and provide us with clean air to breathe, yet over 80,000 acres of forest are still destroyed each day.
Now you can be part of the solution.

For every iPhone traded-in with SellTrade, we will plant a tree – turning the already environmentally friendly act of buying an old iPhone and recycling it into something even greener.

In partnership with One Tree Planted
One Tree Planted is a registered non-profit organisation focused on global reforestation.
They work with key partners around the world to plant native tree species in a sustainable manner.

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