Your Money 100% Guaranteed

We Promise

We promise you a superior customer experience.

We work very hard to ensure all our customers enjoy a safe, streamlined and satisfying process every time they come to us to sell their iPhones.
To help set us apart, and to earn your trust we would like to share with you the ideals we live by daily.

You are not just another transaction, we want to build lasting relationships with you and your business now and as well as in the future.

We use state of Art Software Solutions to streamline the sales process and to make the whole experience worry-free.

Simply put, at SellTrade, we will go the extra mile to give you a superior customer experience.

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Price Promise

We promise to pay you 100% of the value quoted or your phone back FREE of charge!

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Fast Payment

You want to get paid fast and we understand it. So we promise to release payment to your account the same business day we received and inspected your iPhone.

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Wipe your iPhone

We will use state of the art technology to wipe your iPhone. No personal data will be left on it. Absolutely at no charge.

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Free Shipping

All Shipping costs on us. Even if we need to return your iPhone to you. Always at no charge. This even includes the special packaging material.

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Our Price Promise

We promise that our iPhone trade in price for your second hand iPhone will be the full price quoted online, provided that we receive an iPhone as what was described by you during the checkout process.

No Quibbles. Just the promised amount paid directly into your bank account.

As well as your payment gets 100% guaranteed even before you release your iPhone to our courier.

What if the iPhone is not what you promised it to be? Maybe it’s the wrong model or not in the described condition.
We will receive a new quote with the new price for your iPhone. 
Please Note: The price/quote for your iPhone might go up or down. You have 48 business hours to accept it.

Now: Only 2 things can happen.

Either: You accept the new quotation and you get paid immediately.
You reject it and we return your iPhone “Free of Charge” to your Physical address.

If you don’t respond in 48 business hours we will assume you rejected the new offer and your iPhone will be returned to you.

Please Note: Our Price promise does not apply to blocked (registered lost/stolen) iPhones.

Our Fast Payment Promise

One of our core beliefs is that you should get paid as quick as fast as possible!

We will clear your payment within 24 hours after we received and inspected your iPhone at our warehouse.
This payment promise is subject to your iPhone meeting our iPhone Terms & Conditions.

*Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Please Note: 24 Hour  payment does not apply to iPhones received at our Warehouse after 2:30 pm
Also, events that are out of our control.

Please see our full SellTrade – Terms of Sale Agreement.

Erasing iPhone Data

Deleting personal data such as phone numbers, text messages and photos from your iPhone prior to selling it can be very difficult if you don’t know-how.

We use state of the Art data erasing solutions that ensure your confidential information is wiped clear as quickly and effectively as possible.

It gives you the peace of mind that all data has been destroyed beyond recovery.

Free Shipping

Once you have placed an online sell order, we will email you instructions clearly explaining the next steps.

After your payment is secured by TradeSafe we will send our courier to you FREE of charge.

Take note: We only Trade-In iPhone’s inside the borders of South Africa.

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