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What is sellTrade about?

What is sellTrade about?

You have reached this page as you might be searching for “where to sell my iphone online”.
When you’re looking to sell your Apple iPhone, it’s good to know that sellTrade is here to provide you with a great price for your old iPhone.
Our iPhone trade in service provides our clients with the best possible deal on the widest selection of Apple iPhone’s.

To sell iPhone handsets here at sellTrade, select the iPhone model and make a few selections after that so that we have your iPhone’s condition and you will get an instant value for your iPhone.
If you’re happy with our price, choose the ‘Sell Now’ option. You will have money in your account in no time.
If you not ready no problem. Just send yourself a quotation and from time to time we will remind you about our servcie. No more than once a month.

Don’t forget that at sellTrade we also accept broken or damaged iPhone’s. It should however not be totally destroyed.
Follow the same process as outlined above to send us your damaged iPhone.
Thanks to our price promise, if you’re not satisfied with our offer then we’ll send your iPhone back to you FREE of charge!

sellTrade is the helping hand for all those who wish to sell their old iphone’s, used and broken iphones.
At sellTrade you can even sell your brand new iphone as and know for sure you will be offered much better price by us as compared to what you can get from the local market.

Our commitment is to offer you the price that you can’t get anywhere else, however it always depends on the condition of your phone.

We are honoured to be referred by our existing customers to the new ones as we know that satisfied customers is the best source for new business.

How it works

1. You accept our Online Quotation for your iPhone and the transaction begins. The Escrow Service gets notified of the transaction and both sellTrade and you agree to the terms of the transaction.

2. We (sellTrade) submit a payment by approved payment method to the secure Escrow Account. The Escrow service verifies the payment, and you will be notified that your funds have been secured. Your funds ( Quoted amount for your iPhone) is now ‘In Escrow’.

3. You send the iPhone via Aramex (Pick & Pay) to our Physical address – Upon payment verification in step 2 above. You will get an authorization to send us the iPhone and submit tracking information.

4. sellTrade’s receives the iPhone (Normally within 48 hours) and we then notify the Escrow service that we received your iPhone. They also get an automated message from Aramex that the delivery happened.

5. Within 24 hours (Monday – Friday) we will verify that the iPhone is what you promised it to be via our Online Quoting System. We have the option to accept or reject it.

6. If the iPhone is what you promised it to be via our Online Quoting System, then we will notify the Escrow service and they will immediately release your funds/quoted amount from the Escrow Bank Account to your Bank Account.

7. Now. What if the iPhone is not what you promised it to be?
Maybe it’s the wrong Model or Not in the Promised condition.
We will requote you within 24 Hours with the new Price for your iPhone. Please Note: The price/quote for your iPhone might go down or up. You then have 48 hours to accept it.

Now only 2 things can happen: You accept the new quotation. You get paid as in Step 6 above.


If you don’t accept it we will return your iPhone at No Charge to your Physical address and your promised money will be paid back to us.You get 48 hours to respond to the new Quotation. No response in 48 hours we will assume you rejected the offer and the iPhone will be returned to you.

Why this works?

  1. We Agree on a Price for your iPhone via Online Quotation.
  2. We deposit your funds(quoted price) at an Escrow Service
  3. We receive your iPhone via Aramex Couriers
  4. We Inspect the iPhone within 24 Hours after delivery.
  5. If after inspection the iPhone is as described you get your money from the Escrow Service.
  6. This way you are Guaranteed your Payment for your iPhone and we are Guaranteed that you will send us your iPhone as promised on our Online Quotation System.

What is an ESN, MEID, or IMEI?

The ESN stands for the electronic serial number and is the standard of reference for your cell phone’s identity to your wireless service provider.

IMEI and MEID are other acronyms that reference essentially the same number. These numbers are generally located in a cell phone’s battery compartment on the manufacturer’s sticker. Some cell phones, without accessible battery compartments, require accessing the ESN through the menu of the cell phone, typically in the settings category.

If you can’t find your ESN for your cell phone, you can also contact the wireless service provider for which you had the account. They can provide you with the ESN if you were the account holder for the cell phone.
They can also tell you if your cell phone is clear for activation.

What is sellTrade?

sellTrade is a reCommerce service that is out to revolutionise the way we buy and sell used iPhone’s online.

We know life can be tricky. So we’ve made the whole deal quick, simple and hassle free.

Our web-based service allows individuals and businesses to trade-in their used iPhone’s for the most value in a simple and convenient manner
– without the hassle and risks associated with auctions –
Click here to read up on our Our Satisfaction Guarantee

What if I have more than one iPhone to sell?

sellTrade will accept up to two iPhone’s per calendar month for our standard account holders.
If you have more than two iPhone’s to sell you must wait until the next month to make another sale to us.
We will soon have our  Volume Seller account ready to avoid the above limitations.

Please send us a message if you interested in becoming a “Volume Reseller”

What condition should my phone be in for a trade in?

We accept both working and faulty iPhones for trade in. However, your mobile phone must meet the criteria below to be traded in:

Working phones must:

  • Power up
  • Be fully functional
  • Have no screen or case damage
  • Have no missing or damaged buttons
  • Have no water damage

Some normal wear and tear is acceptable.

Faulty phones must:

  • Not be crushed or bent
  • Have no components missing

Can I cancel my trade in?

  • If you’ve placed your trade-in order, but haven’t yet posted your iPhone via Aramex, you can change your mind and choose not to send it to us. However, this means you won’t be able to trade in this device with us in the future.
  • If you’ve already posted your device via Aramex to us, you won’t be able to cancel the trade in.
  • If you’ve sent us a different iPhone to the one you described on our Online Quotation System, the trade-in quotation we gave you won’t be valid any longer.

If you have any other problems with your trade in, please email us at:  sales@selltrade.co.za

What’s the process?

Please view the “How It Works” page to understand the process of selling your iPhone to us.

Does sellTrade.co.za accept items from outside of South Africa?

No. At present, we do not accept shipments from outside of South Africa.

Instant Quotations

What items can I sell to sellTrade?

You can sell new and used iPhone’s to sellTrade.
We will in the near future expand to iPads as well as Samsung products etc.
Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated. The subscription form is at the bottom of this page


How long are quotes valid?

Once a quote is finalised (this is done when you complete the checkout process), we honour that quote for a period of 10 Business days.
This is from the time of the quote until we receive the item from you.
You will receive an email from us when your iPhone(s) arrives here at our warehouse.

How do I determine the condition of my iPhone?

It is important to accurately rate the physical and functional condition of your iPhone.
These ratings are crucial to helping sellTrade  meet your expectations.
Please read below to decide in what “Condition” bracket your iPhone falls in. 

Excellent Device is fully functional, looks brand new and has NO signs of wear (cracks, scratches, scuffs, marks, etc.).

Good: Device is fully functional with slight wear such as faint scratches or scuffs (no cracks).

Fair Device is fully functional with moderate wear such as deep scratches or scuffs (no cracks).

Poor: Device is fully functional with heavy wear including small cracks that do not interfere with functionality

Broken: Device is complete but has functional or physical problems that prevent it from working properly like water damage or a cracked touch screen that interferes with functionality.

Please note: We do not purchase devices that are severely damaged or destroyed.

What does “unlocked” mean?

an iPhone that is “unlocked” is one that is not associated to a carrier. An unlocked iPhone will always have a place to put in a SIM card.
If your phone does not accept a SIM card then it is not possible for the phone to be unlocked.
As we do offer more money for iPhones that are “unlocked”, you can ask your carrier to unlock your phone for you and then submit it as an “unlocked” phone.
You would have to verify that with your carrier first to see if they can unlock the iPhone for you.

What if I am unsure of the Model of my iPhone(s)?

For iPhones, we have a blog post up that tells you which model number coincides with each iPhone model. Please Click here to reach this post.
If you still aren’t able to figure out what item you have, contact us via chat at the bottom of our Website, email, or give us a call and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

What determines my iPhone’s value?

Our  researchers gather market data on a daily basis.
This allows us to offer the best price and to make sure you are getting the most up to date and competitive price for your iPhone.
After All we want you to get the best price possible!

Before Shipping

Should I Use a Box or Will an Envelope Be Enough?

Definitely, a box. No envelopes please. But while boxing your item, make sure the box is sturdy. It may be better to pack your iPhone in two boxes for precautionary measures.
If you still have the box your iPhone was sold to you, that will be great, but if this isn’t an option, make sure the box you put your iPhone in is larger than the iPhone in height, length, and width.

Don’t forget to insulate your iPhone with bubble wrap or foam inserts.
Polystyrene “packing peanuts” or other types of loose-fill packaging won’t do as they create static electricity which will damage your iPhone and won’t secure your iPhone from sliding around.
The iPhone  should not shift inside the box at all.
Seal the first box with a wide sellotape and put in in another box, then seal this one too.
Better safe – than sorry : )

I still have the iPhone’s Original Box? Can I use it to send you my iPhone?

If you have an original, retail box in good condition  you can use this box but you will need to still package it proparly.
You will need to put enough  bubble wrap around the iPhone’s box.

Please follow sellTrade’s Packaging and Shipment Guidelines. Please Click here


What About the iPhone’s Original Box? Must the Number on the Box Match the Serial Number of the iPhone I Sell?

Well, we perfectly understand that generally people don’t keep their original boxes. The short answer is we don’t compare the item received with the numbers or models as stated on the box.
Thus  the box doesn’t matter, but please remember that the package must be convenient so your iPhone is not damaged during the courier process.

What should I do about the personal data on my devices?

We advise you to delete all personal data from your devices, remove any SIM cards, and restore your devices to factory settings.

It is our policy to destroy any SIM cards we receive for your protection and we cannot return any that are included in your shipment.

We will also do a Full “Reset” on the device. No data will be left. Please note, this we definitely do, but it’s no guarantee.

What do I do with my SIM card?

We do not need your SIM card in order to trade in your iPhone.
You can remove your SIM card prior to sending us the iPhone.
If you forget, do not worry, we will dispose of your SIM card during our evaluation of your iPhone.

How do I remove “iCloud” before shipping my iPhone?

iCloud is software for all Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPods which offer protection to the user.
Unfortunately if iCloud is still active when we receive it we can’t pay you the full quote from our site because it cost money to remove iCloud.
But luckily you can do it yourself, it’s very easy.

Here’s how you turn off iCloud:

  1. Open “Settings” on your device.
  2. Select “iCloud” in Settings menu.
  3. If Find My iPhone is ON, tap the slider to turn it OFF.
  4. If you are prompted to for a password, enter your iCloud password and tap “Turn Off” to confirm.

Do I need to wipe out my phones memory before sending it in?

We wipe all devices free of charge but clearing the data yourself is recommended.
If you need any help doing this feel free to “Open” a Support Ticket.
We will then walk you through the Process.

Do I need to do anything to my iPhone before sending it to you?

We recommend that you remove all user passwords, sign out of all accounts, and take the phone off your account by deactivating it.
That means ensuring the device is not activation locked (iCloud, Google), and it has a clean ESN.
Please delete all personal data from your iPhone, remove any SIM cards, and restore your iPhone to factory settings.
It is our policy to destroy any SIM cards we receive for your protection, and we cannot return any that are included in your shipment.

The best is to do a Total Factory Reset.
Go to Settings. Click on “General” and scroll down right to the bottom.
Select then “Reset”
Then Select “Erase all content & Settings”
That’s it!


How do I send/ship my iPhone to you?

How do I send/ship my iPhone to you?

Go to any of Pick & Pay in your area and buy an Aramex sleeve for R99.00. This is the only cost you will incur.
Ask for it from the information Kiosk at your Pick & Pay.
Make sure your iPhone is packaged well enough so that it won’t get damaged on it’s way to us.
Place the iPhone inside the sleeve and place it in the Aramex Drop Box.
Relax! Aramex will deliver your parcel safely to us by the following morning.
If you from an outlying area it might take a little bit longer

Why are we using the Aramex Drop Box System?

It’s Cost-effective and Convenient for you.
It’s Safe and Reliable and Easy to use.
Real-time website tracking of your iPhone on its way to us.

How do I send you my iPhone?

It’s simple! Once you have accepted the online quote, we will mail you full instructions.
Simply pack your iPhone in a protective envelope and drop it off at your nearest Pick & Pay Branch.  (Aramex Drop Box)
It will take about 1 to 3 business days to be delivered to us depending on your location.
You will receive a confirmation as soon as we have received and inspected it.

What do I need to include with the phone I send you?

We only need the iPhone.
If you have the “Original” Charger, Box, Earphones and Cables, you are most welcome to include them in the package.

I live nearby, can I bring my iPhone in person?

We are based in a Security Complex for obvious reasons and do not allow potential customers to visit our site.
We are available by phone/email/sms/ as well as an online “Chat” Feature available in the right hand bottom corner of our Website.
This makes it safe for us as well as for you.
Just to make sure that you don’t think this is a scam your payment gets secured by an Escrow service before you ship it to us.

Who pays for the shipping?

You need to pay for the shipping. It’s R99 for an Aramex Sleeve.
1. Buy an Aramex sleeve for R99 at your local Pick & Pay.
2. Package your iPhone and put it inside the sleeve,  and place it in the Drop Box at your local Pick & Pay.
3. Now Relax! Aramex will deliver your iPhone safely to us by the following morning.

How do I send/ship my iPhone to you?

Go to any of Pick & Pay in your area and buy an Aramex sleeve for R99.00.
This R99.00 is the only cost you will incur. Maybe also a  little bit of packaging.
Ask for it from the information Kiosk at your Pick & Pay.
Make sure your iPhone is packaged well enough so that it won’t get damaged on it’s way to us.
Place the iPhone inside the Aramex Sleeve and place it in the Aramex Drop Box.
Relax! Aramex will deliver your parcel safely to us by the following morning.
If you from an outlying area it might take a little bit longer

How should I package my iPhone?

Please carefully package your iPhone to ensure that it is not damaged in transit.
Using items such as old newspapers and bubble wrap will help cushion your iPhone.

Where is an Aramex Drop Box near me?

Find a Drop Box
Aramex Track and Trace Drop Boxes are available in these stores:

Eastern Cape

Bay WestBeacon BayCleary Park
Commercial RoadGarden Route MallGeorge
Heugh RoadKnysnaLangeberg Mall
Local The AtriumMoffet Park HyperNewton Park
Pick N Pay GonubieSummerstrandUitenhage
Uitenhage CbdVincent ParkWalker Drive
Walmer ParkFamily AliwalnorthFamily Fountains Mall
Family FraaiuitsigFamily GeorgeFamily Grahamstown
Family GreenfieldsFamily Groot BrakFamily Hartenbos
Family OudtshoornFamily Plettenberg BayFamily Port Alfred
Family SedgefieldFamily The GardensFamily York Street

Western Cape

BellvilleBrackenfell HyperCamps Bay
Canal walkCape GateCavendish
ClaremontConstantiaEerste Rivier
GardensGlen GarryGoodwood
HermanusHout BayKenilworth
Local BostonLocal KenridgeLocal Monte Vista
Local Pam Golding On MainLongbeach MallMelkbos
MiddestadMountain MillMuizenberg
N1 CityOld Rembrandt PaarlOttery Hyper
PaarlPaarl MallParklands
PromenadeSea PointSomersetmall
Vangate MallWaterfrontWynberg
Express ConnaughtExpress Dorp StreetExpress Heritage Park
Express Hout BayExpress LetchworthExpress President Motors
Express RosmeadExpress StellenboschDaily Store Franschhoek
Family Big BayFamily CeresFamily Circle Centre
Family DurbanvilleFamily FranschhoekFamily Gordons Bay
Family GraanendalFamily KuilsriverFamily Langebaan
Family MalmesburyFamily ParowFamily Riebeek West
Family River ParkFamily RobertsonFamily Sable Square
Family SteenbergFamily Stellenbosch SquareFamily Vredenburg
Family WellingtonFamily WillowbridgeMini Market Riebeeck Kasteel


Kwazulu Natal

Century Mall New CastleChatsworthChristians Village
EmpangeniHayfieldsHyper Durban North
La LuciaLiberty Midlands MallLink Hills
Meer En SeeMontclairMusgrave Road
Pick N Pay SpringfieldPinetownQueensburgh
Richards BaySouth Coast HyperThe Bluff
The PavilionThe WorkshopUmhlanga Crescent
WestwoodExpress Chess Service StationExpress Drive Inn
Express Kwa MashuExpress Moore RoadExpress Raisethorpe
Family BallitoFamily Berea RoadFamily Escourt
Family Eshowe(New)Family Howick CbdFamily Kirstens
Family KloofFamily MtubatubaFamily North Beach
Family NowlesFamily PhoenixFamily Pietermaritzburg
Family Pine RidgeFamily Port ShepstoneFamily Stanger
Family The WheelFamily UmhlangaFamily Westville Junction



Gauteng & Surrounding

Atteridgeville Maunde StreetAuckland ParkBedfordview
BenmoreBlackheathBlue Hills
BrandwagByls Bridge PromenadeCarletonville
Carnival MallCedar RoadChilli Lane
Clearwater MallCradlestone MallCresta
EmoyeniFestival MallFourways
Gallo ManorGezinaHatfield
Hazeldean SquareHighveld MallHillcrest Boulevard
HydeparkHyper BloemfonteinHyper Boksburg
Hyper CenturionHyper FglenHyper Greenstone
Hyper KlerksdorpHyper MontanaHyper Northgate
Hyper NorwoodHyper Princess CrossingHyper Soweto
Hyper SteeledaleHyper VaalHyper Wonderpark
Hyper WoodmeadIlanga MallIrene Village Mall
Jean Avenue -CenturionJubilee MallKensington
Key WestKillarneyKimberley
KroonstadKrugersdorpKyalami On Main
LephalaleLocal NorthamLoch Logan
LonehillLynwoodMall At Reds
Menlyn MallMiddelburg MallMidrand
MmabathoMokopane MallMorningside
NelspruitNew RedruthNoordstad
Northlands CornerPick’N Pay On NicolPolokwane
PotchefstroomQuaggaRandpark Ridge
Riverside MallRosebankRoyldene
SavannahSebokengSecunda Mall
SouthgateSunward ParkThe FallsThe Glen
The GroveThree RiversTramshed
Vaal MallVictoryparkWaterfall Mall
Wonderboom JunctionWoodlands BoulevardExpress Broadacres
Express CenturionExpress Frikkie Meyer BoulevrdExpress Glynwood
Express Linden ParkExpress O Reilly MerryExpress Old Farm
Express Salt LakeExpress Soweto HighwayExpress Sujee Motors
Express SunnyrockFamily BarbertonFamily Beyers Naude
Family BirchleighFamily BrackenhurstFamily Brentwood Park
Family BritsFamily Brits MallFamily Brooklyn Square
Family Coachmans CrossingFamily Cornwall ViewFamily Craighall Park
Family CycadFamily DorandiaFamily Douglasdale
Family ElsparkFamily Epsom DownsFamily Equestria Mall
Family FairlandsFamily GalesheweFamily Germiston
Family Glen MaraisFamily Goldman StreetFamily Harties
Family HazelparkFamily HeidelbergFamily Hoedspruit
Family HoneyjunctionFamily KathuFamily Hoedspruit
Family LambtonFamily LangehovenparkFamily Meyerton
Family MilparkFamily Mulbarton ParkFamily Newmarket
Family Northcliff SquareFamily NorthmeadFamily Oakfields
Family OdensdaalsrusFamily Outspan RoadFamily Parys
Family PhalaborwaFamily Preller Walk MallFamily Randburg Waterfront
Family RandfonteinFamily RhodesdeneFamily Rietfontein
Family RooihuiskraalFamily Silverwater CrossingFamily Station Road
Family StrubenvaleFamily TowersFamily Tuscany
Family UpingtonFamily Waterkloof RandFamily Wilro Park
Family WitbankFamily ZeerustMini Market Bloemgate
Mini Market Fourways No2Mini Market HennemanMini Market Kyalami
Mini Market Moraletta ParkMini Market Woodhill

Receiving & Inspection

What if you don’t agree with the condition I listed?

If we think your iPhone is in better shape than you listed, we will raise its value.
If your iPhone is in worse shape than listed, we will contact you with a revised quotation which you can accept or decline.
If you decline, we will send your phone back to you at no cost!


How long does it take for me to get paid once you’ve received my iPhone?

Once your iPhone arrives at our warehouse, it typically takes about less than 2 business days for the payment to be issued.
Your payment is guaranteed and secured before you send it off to us via an Escrow Service which is nearly like a Bank.
This way you know this is not a Scam.

Who will pay me my money?

Once your iPhone has been successfully traded in, the Escrow Service will pay you the value of your iPhone by direct bank transfer.
This means the money will reach your account within 3 working days of us receiving your item.

What if I put my wrong personal information for payment or made a mistake with my Bank Details?

If you want to change your payment type, you will have to contact us via email, chat, or phone for one of our representatives to make the changes in the backend.
If you have the wrong address, or any other incorrect personal information associated with your account, you cannot modify that information for an offer that has already been submitted.
This is done for security reasons. You will have to contact us to modify the information for an offer that has already been submitted.
Please email us at: sales@selltrade.co.za

Security Related

Is my personal data erased from the item(s)?

We advise you to delete all personal data from your devices, remove any SIM cards, and restore your devices to factory settings.
It is our policy to destroy any SIM cards we receive for your protection, and we cannot return any that are included in your shipment.
We see to it that every item that comes into our Warehouse is wiped of all data.

Escrow Services

How can I trust sellTrade for payment?

Without your trust we don’t have a business, so we take this aspect very seriously!
We use an Escrow Service to remove any Risk in doing business with us.
This 100% Guarantees your payment before you ship your iPhone to us.
So what is an Escrow Service exactly?
an Escrow service is a 3d party nearly like a Bank who keeps your money secure until the iPhone have been delivered to us.
It’s that simple!
Click here on ” How this works?”

How does Escrow work or What is Escrow anyway?

They a Government Licensed organisation. Nearly like a Bank.
There Job is to make sure the transaction between you and sellTrade is completed – safely and securely!
This way you are guaranteed the payment for your iPhone because we pay them the money before you even send us the iPhone.
Your money for your iPhone gets secured by them and they act as a third party between you and us(sellTrade)
This way they reduce the risk of fraud by acting as a trusted third-party that collects, holds and only disburses funds/money when both Buyers and Sellers are totally satisfied.

Easy as that!

How long does it take for me to get paid once you’ve received my iPhone?

Once your iPhone arrives at our warehouse, it typically takes about less than 2 business days for the payment to be issued.
Your payment is guaranteed and secured before you send it off to us via an Escrow Service which is nearly like a Bank.
This way you know this is not a Scam.