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Our Satisfaction Guarantee

The Secret to Our Success?

Satisfied Customers!​

At SellTrade, we pride ourselves on providing a superior customer experience.

We are doing our utmost best to make sure all our customers enjoy a safe, streamlined and satisfying process every time they come to us.
To help set us apart, and to earn your trust we would like to share with you the ideals we live by on a daily basis.

To us, you, not just another transaction. We want to build lasting relationships with you and your business now and as well as in the future.
To achieve this we use state of Art Software Solutions to streamline the sales process and to make the whole experience worry-free.

Simply put, at SellTrade, we will go the extra mile to give you superior customer experience.

It’s also important to understand that not all reCommerce or CellPhone trade-in companies are created equal.

SellTrade re-invests in resources and Research & Development to simplify and streamline tour processes without sacrificing the level of customer service.
This puts us head and shoulders above our competitors.

As well as we will never advertise a Blown-Up price to attract your business only to adjust it later upon receipt of your iPhone. This is a common tactic in this industry that we will never resort to.

If your iPhone is submitted in the condition stated online, you will receive our offer price within the time frame promised.

SellTrade is healthy and thriving.

We have the capital to grow our satisfied customer base as well as to maintain and sustain all aspects of our business.

We understand, once your iPhone gets shipped to us you lose control over it which can be worrisome. We make sure this is not the case. You will be kept in the loop from when your iPhone is collected right up to when payment happens.

Obvious your Feedback is very welcome as we would like to improve our Service Levels to you on a daily basis.

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