The Environmental Impact of your iPhone

When you sell your iPhone using SellTrade you help to make a difference in our world!

Participating in the second-hand device market is a great way to save money, but it’s also a smart way to help save the environment.
When you sell your old iPhone, you are being a responsible consumer. By reducing new consumption and reusing old devices, we can minimize the amount of damage we do to our environment and help make the world a better place.

How much better you ask?
Precious Metals

The average phone has 0.034g of gold, 0.35g of silver, 16g of copper and 0.015g of palladium. We take these amounts and multiply them by the real-time prices in the precious metals market.
Figures below were accurate for July 2019.
-0.034g of gold @ R 664.50/g = R 22.59
-0.35g of silver @R 7.45/g = R 2.61
-16g of copper @ R1.00/g = R 16.00

Each iPhone contains an average amount of .259g of lead and if polluted with water, that amount is enough to contaminate over an astonishing 17 000 litres of water!
-0.015g of lead can contaminate 1,000,000g (1000 Litres) of drinking water.
-Therefore, 0.26g of lead can contaminate 17386 litres of drinking water.

Repurposing your iPhone not only saves natural resources, but it also reduces energy waste. Recycling one million cell phones saves enough energy to power 185 households for a whole year.
-One million recycled phones can power 185 homes for 525,949 minutes, or 97,300,565 minutes in total (525,949 x 185)
-Therefore, your recycled iPhone saves us 97.3 minutes of power (97,300,565/1,000,000)

By using SellTrade to repurpose an old iPhone you are doing your part as a global citizen to reduce our reliance on dangerous labour practices and promote awareness of these human rights issues.


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