1. You accept our Online Quotation for your iPhone and the transaction begins. The Escrow Service gets notified of the transaction and both sellTrade and you agree to the terms of the transaction.

2. We (sellTrade) submit a payment by approved payment method to the secure Escrow Account. The Escrow service verifies the payment, and you will be notified that your funds have been secured. Your funds ( Quoted amount for your iPhone) is now ‘In Escrow’.

3. You send the iPhone via Aramex (Pick & Pay) to our Physical address – Upon payment verification in step 2 above. You will get an authorization to send us the iPhone and submit tracking information.

4. sellTrade’s receives the iPhone (Normally within 48 hours) and we then notify the Escrow service that we received your iPhone. They also get an automated message from Aramex that the delivery happened.

5. Within 24 hours (Monday – Friday) we will verify that the iPhone is what you promised it to be via our Online Quoting System. We have the option to accept or reject it.

6. If the iPhone is what you promised it to be via our Online Quoting System, then we will notify the Escrow service and they will immediately release your funds/quoted amount from the Escrow Bank Account to your Bank Account.

7. Now. What if the iPhone is not what you promised it to be?
Maybe it’s the wrong Model or Not in the Promised condition.
We will requote you within 24 Hours with the new Price for your iPhone. Please Note: The price/quote for your iPhone might go down or up. You then have 48 hours to accept it.

Now only 2 things can happen: You accept the new quotation. You get paid as in Step 6 above.


If you don’t accept it we will return your iPhone at No Charge to your Physical address and your promised money will be paid back to us.You get 48 hours to respond to the new Quotation. No response in 48 hours we will assume you rejected the offer and the iPhone will be returned to you.