Is the Apple iPhone trade in promotion worthwhile at iStore?

What is iStore’s latest iPhone trade in promotion?
One of the latest iPhone trade in deals you may have heard about is the new iStore promo when upgrading to the latest iPhone’s available today.
One of the reasons for this move might be the price of new phones at an all-time high (Especially with the Rand hitting record lows against the US Dollar) so iStore is hoping to entice you by dangling a carrot on a stick which is suppose to boost your old iPhone trade in value.
trading in an iPhone at iStore
The question is whether or not this new trade in promotion is actually worth it?
Heading over to the iStore promo you’ll notice they only show you the price of a new smartphone only after trade in (assuming your phone is still in a good condition)
Have a look at the actual trade in price you get when handing over your old phone to your nearest iStore and how it compares to the value you will get in cash when trading in your iPhone at phone trade in stores like SellTrade.
This will give you a better idea of how much your phone is actually worth and to decide whether it’s worth trading in, or if you could get much more selling your old iPhone to a place like SellTrade, BidorBuy or Gumtree.

Another thing. Why not just get yourself a second hand iPhone?
Getting  yourself a second hand iPhone will save you a fortune on your monthly smartphone bill. You can easily save from R500 per month+

For Instance. a well looked after iPhone can be bought on places like BidorBuy, OLX or Gumtree for less than R 10 000.
This also includes a warranty starting at 6 months+
As you know used smartphone prices are always falling. It’s always worthwhile to find second hand iPhone X, Xs, XR or the Xs-Max. Even the second hand price for an iPhone 11 might surprise you.

These models are all fantastic phones and all upgradeable to the latest iOS 14 which will be launched sometime September 2020.
And if you need to buy on credit why not use a finance service like Mobicred which is available at places like BidorBuy.

As a last. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or someone at your work, please feel free to share this article to them. They might just safe a fortune instead of upgrading their phone to the latest model.


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