How to send your iPhone to sellTrade?

When you accept the online quotation we will post to you a Free Sales Pack which includes all the packaging you going to need as well as full instructions.

You will need to return the package to us within 14 days after you received the Sales Pack.

Your iPhone should take on average 3-4 working days to arrive at our warehouse.
You will get en email notification from us that is has arrived.

We will do a quality inspection on the iPhone withinh 24 hours that we received it.

If your iPhone is in the condition you promised it to be during the “Online Quotation” we will then immediately release your money into your bank account.

Please Note: The customer will be responsible for damage to the iPhone and the cost associated with the damage if he/she used improper packaging material(s).

If you still have any questions about packaging and shipping your iPhone, do not hesitate to ask us by sending an email to

Thank you, we appreciate your interest in, and we hope to see you soon on our client’s list.

We will be happy to help you to get rid of your iPhone and help with your family budget!

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