Our Mission

Welcome to sellTrade.

The best place in South Africa to sell your iPhone with confidence.
sellTrade was officially launched in July 2016 with a simple mission:
Deliver the best service possible for everyone to sell their old or unwanted iPhone’s.

Did your iPhone know better days? Maybe it won’t turn on?  a Cracked screen?
Well, then your worries are over!
Here at sellTrade, we’ll make a competitive offer for your broken iPhone no matter what. sellTrade is a re-commerce service. That means we buy iPhone’s you don’t want anymore.

This strategy provides a fair-market price to consumers for the purchase of their old iPhone’s.

Getting Paid Fast

Some of the Highest payouts guaranteed!
Today, the iPhone re-commerce or Trade-in Industry is overrun with companies offering a sub-par experience that often leads to disappointment.
The stories we hear are all the same. People are promised one price, only to have that price reduced when their iPhone is received.

A price is offered to the seller based on a vague definition of the Condition it should be in that probably can’t be met, and then the seller is forced to either accept a lower price or have the device returned to them and start all over again.

At sellTrade, your Trade-in is not considered “Done” until you are paid.
And we don’t make you wait to receive your money as a first-time seller either.

You will have your Payment Guaranteed before you even ship your iPhone to us!